Technical Ceramics

Technical ceramics are used in many manufacturing processes due to their unique thermal, electrical and physical properties, and are frequently being used to replace metals, polymers, and refractory materials in a wide variety of applications.

Molds and Machinery for Body Armor

We provide advanced composite molds and production equipment for commercial manufacturing of body armor products.

Body armor products are used by military, police and security personnel to ensure optimal bodily protection. If you specialize in manufacturing these types of items, we can work with you to recommend advanced ceramic solutions that meet your specific needs.


Axial Press

We provide solutions for heavily pressured parts in machines and devices.
Axial pressing technology as a shaping process in the production of sintered components involves pressing a powder mixture into the die under high pressure. This produces a so-called green compact, which is given its mechanical strength by sintering. The axial pressing process is an efficient manufacturing technology, especially for complex component geometries in large quantities.