A Zeta Gomma

Industrial Belts

A Zeta Gomma is a leading producer of transmission belts and PVC conveyor belts for industrial machinery, as well as a variety of other rubber and plastic products.

The company was founded in 1973 by Maurizio Pistoni, and initially concentrated on producing special coatings for belts and molded rubber items. It was a small business headquartered in Sassuolo, in the heart of the most important Italian and international ceramic district, with production intended predominantly for the local industry in the beginning.

In 1987, A Zeta Gomma introduced its exclusive M.E.C. V BELT® brand. This brand has come to represent top-tier industrial belts distinguished by unprecedented quality.

Today, A Zeta Gomma plays a major role in the production and commercialization of drive belts and conveyor belts. The company’s facilities – including its headquarters, two production factories and a warehouse – take up more than 20,000 square meters of space. Altogether, 60,000 items are in-stock and available for shipping, ensuring effective, timely product distribution.



Superb quality is another hallmark of A Zeta Gomma. Meticulous Italian craftsmanship plays a major role in the choice of raw materials and machinery for processing products. The molding processes for rubber products, and  the production and repair of rubber conveyor belts, all take place in the company’s factories in Sassuolo, to ensure the utmost product customization, certify extremely high-quality standards, and offer efficient aftersales and logistics services.