Profiling Solutions

Advanced Technological Solutions for Bullnose Production


  • Profiling Wheel Bullnose & R9/R10/R12/R14/R2
  • Back Mark Removal Wheel
  • Cup Wheel for Chamfering 30/60°
  • Micro Beveling Bullnose Wheel 45° Angle
  • Profiling Segmented Bullnose Wheel (radius 9-10-12-14-20 mm)
  • Profiling Continuous Rim Bullnose Wheel (radius 9-10-12-14-20 mm)
  • 2 CM – 3 CM Profiling Full Coping Bullnose Wheel


Profiling machines are used to make ceramic tiles or the pavement of roofs, floors, walls, showers, or other objects. We offer various types of machinery that are easy to operate and increase tile production.