Dialine Srl manufactures diamond abrasives (resin bonded and sintered) and brushes for polishing all materials used in the stone industry.

Choose the right product and the application:

The range of Dialine products includes:

1. Resin bonded and sintered diamond abrasives used for grinding, honing and polishing natural and composite stones

Diamond abrasives have always been the strong point of Dialine’s tool production. Use of these products guarantees that the maximum possible gloss is obtained in the polishing process on each material: this is the result of the high gloss level obtained and the very low final roughness of the machine surfaces due to the very high concentration of diamond in our products. By using Dialine diamond abrasives, companies can also operate with the lowest possible finishing costs due to the fact that these products are exceptionally long lasting and reliable, the machines consume very little power (the working pressure is as low as possible due to the high removal capacity of our tools) and very little machining sludge is produced by our grinders.

2. Silica carbide diamond brushes and rubber discs for brushing structured surfaces and not natural and composite stones

Dialine Srl is the only company in the world that is capable of manufacturing both abrasive wire with different concentrations of diamond or silica carbide and finished brushes in its plants; this means that the product can be customised to suit the material that needs brushing, the required finish, the type of machinery used and the various customer requests. Two types of diamond wire are produced: “DIALON+”, with a very high diamond concentration and “DIALON-”, with a medium diamond concentration in 1.8 and 1.2 mm diameters. The “Sic Black” silica carbide wire comes in the version with a very high concentration of diamond abrasive which varies from 2 to 0.8 mm depending on the particle size of the carbide. The diamond brushes are used to obtain, starting from flat surfaces, satin-finished materials with silk, leather, velvet, caress and easy cleaning effect. These products are also widely used on composite slabs of resin/quartz to brush the “ardesia” finish. The silica carbide brushes are used on materials that have been previously sand blasted, bush-hammered or flamed and for honed finishes.