Tecnema Dry Squaring Line for Porcelain Grès Tiles

May 17, 2016 in Product Highlight, Trade Show

Dry squaring line for porcelain grès tiles. See Tecnema’s new calibrating lines for porcelain grès tiles in function:

Compact dimensions: less than 5,5 meters for each unit

High removal capacity: allowing the use of less calibrating spindles (only 28 total on both units)

Wheels: only diamond metallic wheels are used on all calibrating spindles (only the upper micro-bevel spindle is mounting resinoid wheels)

Energy saving: around 110 Kw of power supply and expenses saved for the customer

Management costs cut down up to 50%: less spindles, less energy consumptions, less maintenance and faster set-up and adjusting operations improving the average overall productive efficiency

Product quality: constant centering within a tolerance range of 0.25 mm (automatically controlled by PLC thanks to our Patented system) and automatic size adjustment.

Overall line efficiency on 1st choice products around 98%-99%

User friendliness: set-up and mainteinance operations are faster and easier for operators

Mass of each unit: 8600 Kg. + 9200 Kg

Lateral guides bathed in oil: total guarantee of 5 years

Spindles with manual adjustment by screw and stainless steel hand wheel on a cast iron body

Tecnema was present at Coverings show this year and soon will be at Cersaie and Tecnargilla Marmomacchine.


via CerArte