Soccer Team Sponsorship

Sep 8, 2015 in News

GV Service is a proud sponsor of GVS FC team at Bowery Premier.

Bowery Premier is an organization that hosts some of the most competitive football tournaments in New York City. Founded in 2001, Bowery Premier currently organizes and promotes a total of 7 tournaments divided by skill level and gender, including Co-Ed leagues and attracting over 1000 players across the five boroughs all year round. GVS team plays every Saturday with one of the other ten teams in the league.

GV Service now sponsors one of the two ‘All-Italian’ teams in Bowery Premier. Most players are born and raised in Italy or are of Italian descent. While the team doesn’t preclude players of other nationalities from playing, the team take pride in being part of the Italian community and share the same values and passion for our culture and for the beautiful game.

GV Service is the main team sponsor for the next 4 tournament editions, with the goal of being promoted to the top league.

Stay tuned for more soccer news!

GVS FC sponsor
GV FC sponsor