Customized Technological Solutions

GV Service has partnered with some of the most advanced Italian producers and distributors in the ceramic industry to provide cutting edge products to our customers. In recent years we developed a close partnership with Tecnema Tecnology which produces superior quality machines for cutting, cut to size mosaics, bullnose, borders and trims, brick corners, thin bricks and other products. GV Service helps customers to develop customized production lines, from fleshing out initial technical drawings, based on customers’ specific requirements, to overseeing the start of the actual production on the new line.

Materials, Consumables & Spare Parts

GV Service distributes a wide array of materials, consumables and spare parts in our effort to keep our customers’ businesses up and running without interruption. We provide spare parts for machinery in general, and any part for any Italian machine can be procured in Italy within our network of trusted vendors with a very fast delivery time.

GV Service understands that production cannot be stopped, and we are dedicated to supplying parts and materials within the shortest time possible – we are fast, reliable and efficient.

Distribution & Logistics

GV Service purposely stocks products in three warehouses (two in Georgia and one in Texas), with the goal to be close to our customers and to the major seaports/airports. Our warehouses in Alpharetta and Atlanta, Georgia, serve as the perfect US distribution centers due to their proximity to the Savannah port (the second-busiest container terminal on the East Coast and fastest-growing container terminal in the U.S.) and other infrastructure. Another warehouse is located in Houston, Texas, also to serve our customers in the fastest and most efficient way.

Additionally, we create inventory programs for materials and consumables which take into consideration the lifespan of products and our customer’s production requirements. Once we establish monthly volume requirements, we can start a stock program that allows our customers to:

·         Keep the inventory low on their premises;

·         Avoid imports from overseas;

·         Free up the cash that would otherwise be invested in materials which will not be used for several months.

Technical Assistance

GV Service offers technical assistance on all different levels with highly experienced technicians who have many years of experience in their areas of expertise. Technicians can be arranged for any type of machine or installation of ceramic production and finishing machinery, as well as training for maintenance and general use for production purposes. Our technicians have worked in various factories worldwide, and we can arrange for the short term or extended stay for a technician at your facility. In addition, in the case of general maintenance or training needed on an ongoing basis, we can provide technicians accordingly with advance notice. Please contact us with any inquiries on technical assistance.

Financing Services

GV Service has partnered with Pinnacle Capital Partners to offer our customers customized finance packages for equipment purchases. Pinnacle will help you get the equipment you need today to run your growing operation. Pay for the equipment as you use it and arrange the payments to dovetail with your income cycle. Learn More >>