smacSMAC has been specializing in the production of automations, plants, and equipment across the ceramic, roof tile, and brick industries, for over 35 years.

Over the years, their innovative strategic focus has been geared towards glazing machines, with special attention given to the realization of “special effects.”

Their Machinery and Services Include:

  • Decorating Machines
  • Spraygun Booths
  • Glazing Line Accessories
  • Discs Spraying Booths
  • Brushing Machines
  • Preparation/Glaze Feeding Machines
  • Machines for Dry Applications
  • Other Machines for Wet Filtering and Sand Blasting
  • Milling and recycling Plants
  • Complete Plants
  • KERALAB and KERACHROMIATM (helps is reproduction of color in ceramics)
  • XAM software (evaluates and analyzes product quality in correcting prints to avoid wasting time and materials)
  • Vibrating Sieves, Screening Devices, Pumping Systems