Expected Growth of Ceramic Flooring Tile Market

Oct 8, 2015 in News, Services

It is well noted across all areas of the flooring industry in particular, the changes in both taste and customer demands as there’s been an increasing shift year over year from carpet in particular, to floor tile.

As many articles point out there is a growing demand for tiles in the market, which has led to an increasing influx of production and finishing of Tile locally – see a recent article for example:  http://www.floordaily.net/floorfocus/ceramic_tile_report_the_tile_industry_invests_hea.aspx

There is still a great deal of room in the market, as Floordaily points out also that only 15% of the overall flooring market in the US is spent on tile.  Advanced digital printing technologies further expand opportunities for ceramic floor tile market and the industry is currently experiencing a huge move toward domestic production.


Some of the key geographic areas have been Texas, Tennessee and Kentucky. But also many distributors and installers have looked to setup their own fabrication locally as well for small and large volume needs. Here at GV Service, we understand the need to work with these demands and the changing needs of the market including new equipment, technical assistance and the need for capital investment.

GV Service has been servicing the US market for nearly 15 years, and has adapted to the changing needs of the Ceramic and Porcelain industry over this time period. GV Service provides domestic companies with trusted expertise, high quality products and distribution & logistics to help them expand and optimize their operations to accommodate the increasing demand. Visit http://www.gvservice.com/gv-services to learn more.