Zafferani machine for cutting 2cm porcelain pavers 

With the success and market growth of the 2cm thick porcelain pavers as the right solution for any outdoor flooring project and even other outdoor commercial applications such as steps and even the thinner porcelain slabs used as cladding for buildings, the trims and accessories and finished edges needed to meet these design demands is more important than ever.

At GV Service we offer the equipment, tooling and expertise to meet the production needs for all these high-demand pieces.

One of the critical components to a beautiful design for outdoor use is the stair tread and one of the most popular choices is the “squared edge”, this is the process of precision grinding the underside edge of two pavers to allow them to form a perfect 90-degree corner.

The Zafferani Ceramics machine offered by GV Service precision grinds the back of the 2cm pavers (optional 3cm thick and as thin as 3mm) down to an exact 47 degree angle.  With the special epoxy offered in a wide array of colors and the precision assembly table offered, you can provide your customers with a truly professional 90 degree edge, a finished stair tread up to 8 feet long!

F4M Machine

• Designed for processing thicknesses from 3 to 20 mm.
• Equipped with 4 wheels with a diameter of 150 mm, (1 grinding wheel used for processing the flat edge and 3 wheels at 45 degrees for the bevel).
• Engine power 1.8 kW.
• Maximum feed speed 6 mt/min.
• Wheel rotation speed 3000 RPM for a total weight of 1400 kg.