GavazziGAVAZZI is one of the largest suppliers in the mosaic and construction fields. Company produces special fiber glass meshes on which the mosaic can be back mounted which allows for the preparation of mosaic sheets that are “face-up” for easy mounting, in addition to leaving the greater part of the back side free for better adhesion to support.

  • Gavazzi Tessuti Tecnici (Gavazzi technical textiles), was established in 1885, originally working in the textile/ribbon industry. As the industry shifted needs in the 1960s so did their focus, leading the company to focus on fiberglass fabrics in various markets.
  • In 2011 GV Service along with Gavazzi established a stock agreement for local distribution primarily for mosaic use. Full Name: Gavazzi Tessuti Tecnici S.p.A. (Socio Unico)