GV Service works with these companies to provide the latest products in cutting, finishing and mosaic production for ceramic and stone industries:

Breton BRETON GROUP specializes in advanced standardized machinery as well as designing custom machines and systems to trim ceramic, stone and glass, including bullnosing, mosaic mounting and polishing machines. Currently offering over 1110 multiple disc cutting systems and has 500 trim piece assembly systems installed worldwide.
Gavazzi GAVAZZI is one of the largest suppliers in the mosaic and construction fields. Company produces special fiber glass meshes on which the mosaic can be back mounted which allows for the preparation of mosaic sheets that are “face-up” for easy mounting, in addition to leaving the greater part of the back side free for better adhesion to support.
Zafferani Ceramic Processing Machines ZAFFERANI produces ceramic processing machines designed for cutting 2CM porcelain pavers.