GV Service, Inc., located in NYC, began operations in 2000. From the start, owner and president of the company, Mr. Giulio Valente, built relationships with many of Italy’s leading producers of the latest machinery and spare parts for ceramic and stone production.

In doing so, over the last 15 years, GV Service has partnered with some of the most advanced producers and distributors in the Tile & Ceramics Industry, includingTecnodiamant, Tecnema, GP Service, Gavazzi and Smaltochimica.

As a full-service company, we pride ourselves on providing cutting edge products and outstanding customer service, using advanced technology to tailor to our client’s individual needs, offering solutions and constantly exceeding expectations.

In addition to offering top quality Italian machinery, blades, and tooling for production within the ceramic, stone, brick, and advanced ceramic industries; we also supply spare parts and tooling for any Italian model machine, and provide customers with the materials necessary for mosaic production, as well as technical assistance when necessary.

In January 2007, we opened our warehouse in Alpharetta, GA, which initially was utilized as a drop-ship point; but since the beginning of 2010–thanks to the loyalty of our customers and the cooperation and innovation of our vendors–the warehouse has become known as the primary stock point for spare parts, diamond tooling, and mosaic production consumables, offering a continuous rolling stock of items based on client needs.

This additional service provides an added benefit to our clients by allowing them to save money and time due to quicker shipping and savings on shipping charges, as well as allowing for less downtime and the ability to buy smaller quantities, as needed.

In addition, we continuously build and expand our stock based on client needs, which are evaluated on quarterly and monthly basis. Please feel free to continue learning about what we can offer to best suit your needs and explore our list of associate companies and items currently offered from our warehouse in Atlanta, GA.