l_mistralMISTRAL srl has a solid market presence in chemical products for the ceramic industry. MISTRAL srl is active wherever chemical auxiliaries are used in ceramic production offering a service and assistance which are the result of decades of experience in the applied chemical field for the ceramic process.

The range of products supplied by MISTRAL srl is composed of every chemical additive in use in the ceramic process – from deflocculants for milling of raw body materials to products likeserigraphic mediums, resinated thickeners, binding agents and rheological modifiers for decoration on tiles.

MISTRAL srl has a large range of both liquid and solid deflocculants suitable for every kind ofceramic body, guaranteeing not only high quality materials but constant, qualified technical assistance and controls.
With regard to ceramic body compositions, MISTRAL srl is the exclusive agent of a new generation of binders, both organic and inorganic.

– Deflocculants for tile body mixes (solid & liquid – sodium silicate producers)
– Traditional media
– Resinated Media
– Media for roller decoration (Rotocolor & Rollprint)
– Media for tintometric dosing system
– Media for third firing decoration
– Carboxymethilcellulose
– Synthetic binders
– Serigraphic printing binders
– Fixatives
– Dry application additives
– Liquid soluble salts
– Microgranules soluble salts
– Deflocculants for glazes
– Surface-active agents
– Anti-fermentative and anti-bacterial agents