The revolutionary Dekton® by Cosentino is an exciting and in high demand product for countertop surfaces, flooring, cladding, facades for both inside and exteriors. Dekton® is a proprietary blend of quartz, porcelain and glass and this makes the final product heat proof, non-porous, scratch resistant, UV resistant and chemical resistant.

Ultra dense surfaces like Dekton® are very difficult to fabricate and require specialty cutting tools designed especially for this material.

GV Service distributes tools designed for cutting and drilling Dekton® surfaces.  Made in Italy.

Dekton® Blades


It can be provided in any size and type of internal and external diameter. Standard stock sizes are what are listed above.


– SPEED: A cutting speed of 0.7-0.9 m/min is recommended for all diameters.

– RPM: When frequency converter is available*:

      350mm Diameter: 2000-2200 rpm

      400mm Diameter: 1700-1900 rpm

* If there is no frequency converter it is necessary to adjust the speed depending on the type of machine or change the blade diameter to achieve optimal cutting quality.

– For large diameter blades (larger than 400 mm), take precaution with their vibration. In this case, lock washers are recommended.

– High volumes of cooling water pointing in the direction of the blade are necessary.


– This tool gives a very high-quality cutting result.


– The blade should be in good condition. The cutting table should be solid and robust. It must be perfectly leveled and flat (the quality can be improved by using a rubber or wood surface to buffer the blade vibrations).

– Check that the bench surface where the slab is going to placed is in good condition (i.e. that it is not covered in cuts in any one area, which might lead to the material moving).

– If a special machine is available, in which cutting can be carried out while immersed in water, do the work in these conditions, as it can increase the speed, quality as well as the performance of the blade in general.

Dekton® Bits

GV Service also distributes bits designed for drilling through Dekton surfaces:

dekton drill bit

LEFT IMAGE: Specific Cutter for Dekton high 30 mm, diameter 26 mm, length 48 mm, connection ½ gas  


– 4200 rpm and 200 mm/min for any DEKTON® color.

 High volumes of cooling water are required to ensure that the tool is perfectly cool to achieve a top quality cutting result.


 Reduce the speed for work with tight corners.


– This tool gives a top quality cutting result.

 For straight cutting, start diagonally to prevent the material from breaking. Then finish, by starting with the side opposite to the one you started with.

 The suction pads must be well positioned to prevent the material from vibrating during the work.

It is well noted across all areas of the flooring industry in particular, the changes in both taste and customer demands as there’s been an increasing shift year over year from carpet in particular, to floor tile.

As many articles point out there is a growing demand for tiles in the market, which has led to an increasing influx of production and finishing of Tile locally – see a recent article for example:

There is still a great deal of room in the market, as Floordaily points out also that only 15% of the overall flooring market in the US is spent on tile.  Advanced digital printing technologies further expand opportunities for ceramic floor tile market and the industry is currently experiencing a huge move toward domestic production.


Some of the key geographic areas have been Texas, Tennessee and Kentucky. But also many distributors and installers have looked to setup their own fabrication locally as well for small and large volume needs. Here at GV Service, we understand the need to work with these demands and the changing needs of the market including new equipment, technical assistance and the need for capital investment.

GV Service has been servicing the US market for nearly 15 years, and has adapted to the changing needs of the Ceramic and Porcelain industry over this time period. GV Service provides domestic companies with trusted expertise, high quality products and distribution & logistics to help them expand and optimize their operations to accommodate the increasing demand. Visit to learn more.

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GV FC sponsor