Resin diamond and Sintered abrasives, Diamond and Silicon Carbide Brushes, Rubbers to achieve polished and brushed surfaces on slabs and tiles using AUTOMATIC POLISH LINES
Granite is a stone of volcanic origin on which the maximum honing, polishing and brushing quality is obtained by using Dialine products such as diamond resin-bonded abrasives, brushes and rubber discs available for both Fickert and satellite heads. The polishing and brushing obtained with Dialine products give the granite a very natural effect with a glossy appearance and mechanical properties on the surfaces that are very long lasting.
Marble is a metamorphic stone consisting mainly of calcium carbonate which, since it is normally softer than granite, can be honed, polished and brushed in fewer steps by using Dialine Frankfurt and Plateaux products (in various diameters). Using Dialine products such as diamond resin-bonded abrasives, brushes and rubbers on marble and similar stones guarantees the maximum naturalness of the surfaces which, because they are diamond finished, are less prone to wear and tear and longer lasting.
Marble-resin is an agglomerate obtained by mixing marble particles selected according to size and colour with polyester resin for which, like the quartz-resin agglomerate, Dialine has revolutionised polishing (which in the past was done using magnesium tools) by using Frankfurt diamond resin-bonded tools, thereby increasing the gloss level obtained and improving the quality of the polished slab surface.
When finishing cement-based agglomerates, which are extremely abrasive materials, what makes Dialine so special is the incredibly long lasting quality of its polishing and honing tools (Frankfurt and Plateaux in various diameters) and brushes. Thanks to Dialine, this material can now be finished by combining the high quality of the surfaces obtained using its tools with low machining costs.
Quartz-resin agglomerate is an innovative material that combines silica sand and quartz with polyester resin. Polishing this material has always been one of Dialine’s strong points and in 2000, it was the first company in the world to polish these surfaces using diamond resin-bonded tools (bringing the gloss level to over 60 and setting a new polishing standard for this product) and then propose brushing using diamond brushes which enabled manufacturers to obtain a number of finishes other than glossy, alternatives which account for a substantial part of the market for this material. The range of products we offer to finish quartz-resin agglomerate is testimony to the important innovations we have introduced over the years and ranges from the recently created “ORION” sintered tools which guarantee maximum possible cutting to the FKABS resin-bonded abrasives with an unparalleled gloss level and finishing quality in the slabs and the “DIALON” and “SIC BLACK” brushes which can be used to obtain whatever surface is required.