Chemical Additives

Smaltochimica was established in 1977 and has become known for its extensive leadership and innovation of chemicals within the ceramic industry. Through its ongoing research and dedication to development, the company continues to expand and fine-tune its product applications – which range from flat and rotary screen printing to techniques that utilize silicone rollers.

Smaltochimica produces digital and eco-friendly green solutions for ceramic decoration. These products effectively respond to the expanding demands of a market that is becoming increasingly specialized, and where defined skills are fundamental for business success.

The company’s chemicals are used for all of the following applications:

  • ceramic decoration
  • fixers and fixatives
  • additives for glazes and screen-printing
  • reserving agents
  • protecting agents
  • binders for glazes and engobes
  • fluidizing agents for glazes and engobes
  • products for granular and powders treating
  • binders for body
  • deflocculants for body
  • products for digital decoration
  • additives for micronized grains
  • products for third-firing and glass
  • biocleaner anti-bacterial additives
  • anti-foaming and de-aerating agents
  • hot melt and salvaposa