TECNEMA TECHNOLOGY specializes in advanced standardized machinery as well as designing custom machines and systems to trim ceramic, stone and glass, including bullnose, mosaic mounting and polishing machines. Established in 1989, TECNEMA TECHNOLOGY has become one of the leading producers and innovators in the ceramic industry for cutting and finishing mosaic production.

Currently offering over 1110 multiple disc cutting systems and has 500 trim piece assembly systems installed worldwide. Tecnema machinery can be applied in a variety of different industries: Stone, Brick, Ceramic/Porcelain tile, Cement/Terrazzo

Tecnema Technology


Tecnema Equipment/Spare Parts include:
Single and Multi Head Industrial Cutting Machines
Single and Multi Head ECO line Cutting Machines
Cutting and Squaring Automated Plants
Profiling/Bullnose Machines
Mosaic Gluing Machines
Water Purification Systems
Bullnose Glazing Systems
Brushing MachinesSplitting Machines
Handling System
Beveling & Grinding Machines
Circular Vibration Machines
Assembly Machines
Ventilated Facades
Surface Treatments