Visit us in Atlanta on May 8-11, 2017 at:

COVERINGS 2018 – The Global Tile & Stone Experience

Booth 6247

This will be the 9th year in a row for us at the Coverings Show. We will be displaying Tecnema Technology machines at our booth this year:

  • Cutting Machine FS720/2T with PVC Sprayer Tube System Conveyor Roller for Large Sizes
  • Gluing Machine MOD IS 620 
  • UV Drying Machine 620

Cutting Machine FS720/2T with PVC Sprayer Tube System Conveyor Roller for Large Sizes

    • Electro welded metallic structure in heavy carpentry, bearing conveyance, supports and brackets for adjustment units, casings and protections.
    • Conveyor on grinded bench with interchangeable stainless steel wear plates, draft and idle rollers.
    • Conveyor belt made with high thickness rubber and 60 Sh. hardness, suitable for cutting incisions.
    • Variable speed motor through mechanical speed change gear, for throughput speed variations.
    • x2 Operating spindles – with horizontal shaft spindle with terminal supports and joint transmission for direct cutting. Stainless steel chromium plate shaft at thickness and rectified, removable tool holder sleeves and front side shaft support. Tool adjustment:  vertical and motorized, front side horizontal and manual.
    • Guide-counter guide unit on transverse guides, adjustable through hand wheel with decimal gauge.
    • Pressure unit with independent clamping elements, operating pressure vertically adjustable.
    • Stainless steel working zone protection carters and water shielding.
    • Finishing through galvanizing and epoxies painting.
    • Equipped with tool cooling system by means of a complete tube, for more even distribution and pressure of water, and longer life of tooling. Avoids excessive clogging and better adaptability to various blade setups.
  • Waterproof panel, placed at the machine side, with selectors, buttons, emergency and safety buttons in accordance to the actual CEI standards.
  • Swinging pendant push-button strip, with check panel containing all controls and digital displays.

Particular features:

  • Full range of setups can be done.
  • No external part can be damaged by corrosion.
  • Decimal precision of movements.

Gluing Machine MOD IS 620

  • Mixed structure made in electro welded metallic carpentry and anodized structural aluminum, bearing conveyor, supports and brackets for group regulations, casings and protections.
  • Conveyor on belt-powered rolls and aluminum body side.
  • Steel rolls with rubber covering on shielded bearing.
  • Paper/fiber mesh support made in assembled carpentry.
  • Speed variable motorization through mechanical speed change gear.
  • Gluing machine with bearing guide rollers and paper/glass fiber feed for double reel. Paper cutter through carburized and rectified blade. Glue tray with spreading roll and automatic glue level check. Complete self-acting machine with working size gearing.
  • Waterproof pressurized recipient with governor for vinyl glue.
  • Lateral guide unit on regulating slots ended with fixing clamps.
  • Paper/glass fiber pressure unit through water-repellent sponge rollers.
  • Working zone protection carters in polycarbonate.
  • Finishing through galvanizing and epoxies painting.
  • Waterproof panel, placed at the machine side, with selectors, buttons, emergency and safety buttons in accordance to the actual CEI standards.
  • Electric system, placed at the machine side in accordance with standards.

Particular features:

  • Totally automatic working cycle, glue restoration included.
  • Full range of options can be set up.
  • Module subject to any improvement or gluing system completion.
  • No need t adjust for material with constant thickness.

UV Drying Machine 620 10kW

Tecnema UV Dryer Machine

  • The drier works with U.V. lamp system; it is suitable to treat UV light-sensitive resins and has a special design of reflectors.
  • Working speed is between 3 and 6 meters per minute according to the material, viscosity, and quantity of material applied on each piece.
  • The ultraviolet resin is applied through a spreading roll on the gluing machine, after it is positioned on glass fiber mesh and immediately after gluing process pieces enter inside the drier where the polymerization process starts at contact with lamps rays.
  • Polymerization time is less than 30 seconds and the cooling time for pieces is very low; manipulation time of material is immediate.
  • Pneumatic/automatic system of lamps closing if the line is stopping.


GV Service Coverings'18

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International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings

28 September – 2 October 2015


Mr. Giulio Valente will be attending the show, and if you are interested in a factory tour,
please contact us and we can arrange the Smaltochimica Factory tour in Maranello and accommodations for your visit.

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